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written/directed/edited: miha likar

production: zavod bolnica

co-production: stanovanje 38

producer: miha likar

director of photography: dejan ulaga

colourist: erik margan (NuFrame)

set designer: eva ferlan

assistant set designer: martin emeršič

costume designer: ina ferlan

costume assistant: timotej rosc

make-up artist: laura butkovič

hair designer: ian richie

assistant producer: bonino englaro

set photographer: anja smaka

gaffer: mario knapič, timon hozo

1st camera assistant: luka likar

special thanks to: MB Grip, NuFrame, Marjan K. in družina, Jan Brovč, Blažka Kirm, Goodtimers Maribor and Dalija.


composed, produced & arranged by: zala kralj & gašper Šantl

mixed by: zala kralj & gašper Šantl

mastered by: nikodem milewski at sunshine studio (studio 3), Vienna


i’m the messiest mess

i stay out of the house to keep it clean

i’m the most foolish fool

i have it all i don’t see anything

tell my mama she’s dumb

of course i don’t mean that

she’s the smartest one

i tell you that we’re done

you’re the reason for my sadness

no, i’m not the one

hard to see that i’m destroying me

put my hand on my mouth and try to breathe

this box that i’m in is too small for my limbs

can’t get out, can’t stay in

don’t see out, don’t fit in

i touch my face when i talk

do all my features stand the way they should?

need some guidance with laugh

i don’t always remember how some words are put

quiet most of the time

i don’t mean to be rude, just don’t seem to see

how to keep the talk going

anyway i’m always sad when you decide to leave

hard to see that i’m destroying me

put my hand on my mouth and try to breathe

this box that i’m in is too small for my limbs

can’t get out, can’t stay in

don’t see out, don’t fit in

blow the eyelash

make a wish

be happy, i’m happy

it’s all on me

blow the eyelash

make a wish

be happy, i’m happy

it’s all on me

it’s all on me

hard to destroy me

put my hand on my mouth and i still breathe

this box that i’m in is much bigger than it seems

don’t want out, happy in

i’m the best i’ve ever been

published by adria high energy edition, administered by universal music publishing 

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zalagasper (zala kralj and gašper šantl) are a slovenian electronic music duo from maribor, which jointly write, produce and perform since 2017. their first single ‘valovi’ immediately made waves in the slovenian scene and received the slovenian annual music award Zlata piščal for the best song of 2017. 

In 2019 zalagasper surprised a multimillion audience with a slovenian low-fi electro pop ballade at the ESC. with come to me, the duo’s first english single, zalagasper went back to their natural habitat and played several festivals incl. moscow music week, waves vienna and eurosonic noorderslag (ESNS). 

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video by zalagasper performing ‘box’. © 2020 zala kralj & gašper šantl under exclusive license to universal music gmbh. a universal music slovenia release

Dravle Records (feat. ZalaGasper & Ezra) - Ubijalci Sanj

Ubijalci sanj je drugi videospot iz novega Dravle Records albuma Buden.

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Besedilo: Boštjan Nipič, Damjan Jović, Ezra Ćosić Alibegović 

Glasba: Damjan Jovič, Gašper Šantl in Ezra Ćosić Alibegović

Produkcija: Damjan Jovič in Gašper Šantl

Aranžma: Damjan Jovič in Gašper Šantl

Back Vocali: Ezra Ćosić Alibegović, Bojan Cvjetičanin, Erik Felicijan

Mix : Damjan Jovič, Luka Radojlović (RODAH)

Mastering : Luka Radojlović (RODAH)


Created by : Stanovanje 38


Production: Stanovanje 38 


CoProductions: B21 & NuFrame

Producers: Bonino Englaro, Suzana Juršič


Director: Bonino Englaro 

Director of photography: Blaž Hojžar

Assistant producer: Suzana Juršić

Assistant Director: Miha Likar 



Blaž Hojžar 

Andraž Drobnič

Teo Rižnar


1st Assistant Camera: Andraž Brelih

Edit: Bonino Englaro, Miha Likar

VFX : Martin Fir

Color grade: Teo Rižner

Costumes: Jan Brovč

Costume Assistant: Lovro Lukić

Make up: Laura Butkovič

Hair: Ian Richie

Ultimate Production Assistant: Uroš Vozel

Graphics: Emil Kozole (

BTS: Luka Maček (za sceno)

Cover Art : Suzana Juršić



Boštjan Nipič

Ezra Ćosić Alibegović 

Damjan Jovič

Zala Kralj

Gašper Šantl 

Matej Tunja

Bonino Englaro


Dream Killers:

Andraž Drobnič

Alex Matulin

Svit Zupancic 

Bine Kramar

Jan Bizjak

Roman Križman

Marko Lakner


Special Thanks to :


KK Trnovo – 

Ana Lindič 

Jaka Potočnik 

Kobila Lučka 


Miha Pregan – Volvo 

Blažka Kirm

Lara Persha 


Futurski - Nothing is never an option

Music video created by Stanovanje 38″ & GLISER


Production: BANDERA & GLISER

CoProduction: NuFrame

Producers: Bonino Englaro & Peter Perunovic


CoProducers: Martin Fir, Suzana Juršič, Teo Rižner



Neza Presicek

Matic Lukšič


Director: Bonino Englaro

Director of photography: Peter Perunovic

Story by: Bonino Englaro, Suzana Juršič, Martin Fir, Aljaž Košir

VFX & 3D models: Martin Fir @toplifakingsendvic


Color grade: Teo Rižner


Costumes: Suzana Juršič @suzanasuki_jursic, Jan Brovč @brum3c

FUTURSKI are wearing Kiss The Future @kiss.the.future


Make up: Laura Butkovič @lauradidthatface


Graphics: Emil Kozole (


Big thanks to

Kamnolom Lipica…

The Black Heart Studio @the_black_heart_studio